Chapter 1

A quick summary of what each of the Japanese “alphabets” do.

Romanji is basically the english alphabet but used to spell out japanese words. Katakana is used to write forien words like pan (bread), food,and scientific words, also onomatopoeia and is boxy and rigid. Hiragana is used when kanji is too difficult to write, words that have no kanji symbol, words like “and, or, also” suffixes like san, chan,senpai, etc. Kanji is the chinese characters, Its very popular writing style in japan.

How you felt about this chapter (i.e. did you have trouble anywhere? Did everything just connect? Did you feel focused, unfocused, etc?

Ummm. it seemed to make sense. I was focused until i got hungry and decided to make cookie dough…

Write more about the one(s) you are having trouble remembering. Try to pretend you’re teaching someone else about them, as that’s an awesome way to sort out any speed bumps in your own mind (and a great way to remember things better).

Im having trouble remembering katakana and hiragana. I cant really describe them that well other that what i put up there.

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